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Isnt it amazing how higher Justice was sacrosanct and in no way involved as recently as September 2011 and now we learn that Breuer knew about gunwalking as early as April 2010 (if you believe his somewhat self-serving account of events); yet it never occurred to him to tell his boss of that knowledge as his boss was eagerly declaring his innocence?

Now Breuer suddenly has an attack of conscience the day before his testimony and declares that he let his boss defend him publically, even though he knew the statements AG Holder made were false, and never thought to tell his boss that he was relaying false info.

And I love the Politico take on Wide Receiver as well... talk about a nasty game of telephone. According to the FFL who participated in Wide Receiver, he sold about 450 guns total during Operations Wide Receiver. In one single case, 279 (going on memory for this number, see earlier in thread for exact number with source) guns were sold and only 47 successfully interdicted. Without knowing the number interdicted in the other cases, it is impossible to say how many guns walked; but Politico went with 400, the maximum possible. OK, fair enough.

Next Politico characterizes Wide Receiver as "allowing" guns to be walked. In fact, Wide Receiver had tracking devices in the weapons and attempted to interdict the guns. They continually failed in this because the smugglers had obtained the numbers of ATF surveillance aircraft and would make their run when the aircraft refueled (dirty ATF employee in Arizona anyone?).

And Politico is remarkably silent on exactly why the Wide Receiver investigation ended in 2007; but the Obama Administration brought charges in 2009. According to the FFL involved in Wide Receiver, this was because the ATF lied to the AUSA and the AUSA refused to bring charges as a result. The Obama Administration's new AUSA made the decision to bring charges in 2009, when they took over. If you read the Politico report, it made it sound as if the Obama administration discovered this nefarious Wide Receiver plot and did the best it could with a bad situation. And yet Politico skips right over the obvious question, "If this was such a bad idea/disaster, why did you remove several of the safeguards in this operation and then let the same exact people run another operation with an even wider reach?"

I'd love to see Lanny Breuer sit down with Sharyl Attkisson and tell his story. That would never happen though because Attkisson has done more than 10 minutes of research on the story and would know when she is being lied to.

Breuer is Holder's Scooter, it seems.
Breuer might have done better as Holder's Scooter if they had not tried to make Melson, Newell, Hurley and Burke into Scooter first. And of course the timeline and complexity of this operation mean the likelihood that there is a critical piece of evidence raising awkward questions for someone above Breuer is much higher than it was in Scooter's case (i.e. the Newell-O'Reilly connection). Ultimately, I am thinking this will be more like Dan Restrepo as Obama's Oliver North.

I am enjoying watching the all too predictable pattern of "deny deny deny" and then grabbing the guy who has the most incriminating connections revealed so far and throwing him into the wood chipper in hopes of ending the investigation though. You might almost get the impression that Issa and Grassley were releasing documents in a systematic manner designed to encourage that kind of response.

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