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Oh yeah...I'll be there. I prefer chasing gobblers to any other kind of hunting. I've got a good place here in Georgia with plenty of birds. While deer hunting this past fall I saw one bird that I would really like to meet again; he had at least a 10inch beard (maybe he has even put on a few inches since November).

One tip always comes to patient!!! Actually there are so many "tips" that I wouldn't know where to begin.

Just because you don't hear gobbling doesn't mean that they aren't there. If you have done a thorough job of scouting (I think that is the key to successful turkey hunting) and know that birds are there, don't start thinking that the turkeys have left the area just because you aren't getting responses to your calling. It might be a matter of sitting down and waiting for them to return to that area. The first bird I killed gobbled just once and that was mere seconds before I pulled the trigger. After hearing nothing all morning, I sat down at about 10:30 and started calling. About 40 minutes later I heard footsteps in the leaves to my right. He walked on into view right in front of me about 17 yards away and let out his last gobble. It seemed like a long time as it was happening but from the time I heard those first steps until the time I shot was really no more than 30 seconds. Things can turn around quickly when turkey hunting.

That is a technique I use frequently. During the day, if I can't locate a gobbling tom, I will sit down in a good area and start calling softly and sporadically. I will gradually build up the intensity and volume of the calling until I reach a peak about 30-40 minutes later in which I will be using every call I have as loud as I can and just making absolutely as much turkey noise (you name it: yelps, cutting, cackles, aggressive purring, and maybe a gobble if I think it is safe) as I can for just a few minutes and then tapering the calling off over the next 30 minutes or so. Then I sit and wait for as long as I can. I don't know how many birds I have called in like that. However, consider yourself warned -- they will probably come in quietly so be still.

If you do get on a gobbling tom, adjust your calling to meet his mood. Don't start off too aggressively, but if he seems to like that then let him hear it. I call quietly to a bird that doesn't sound very fired up, but I won't give a red-hot tom any slack either; if he keeps responding, I'll keep calling (usually).

I promise I'm not a salesman, but last spring I ordered a Summit Trophy Chair from Cabela's. Last season was the most comfortable I have ever been while hunting. I can't sit on the ground for very long (even with the various cushions I have tried over the years) without getting sore and squirmy after a very short while. I could literally sit in the Summit chair for hours without even shifting around at all; comfort goes a long way in making me more patient.

Okay I'll shut up now, but I could go on and on when it comes to turkey hunting. In fact, just typing this has me fired-up!!!! How quickly can March 24 get here?

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