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Wait a second, didn't we hear earlier that Lanny Breuer signs off on hundreds of wiretap warrants, sometimes without even reading them, and that he didn't know the specifics of the Fast and Furious investigation or that guns were being allowed to walk?

Now that there is actual documentation where one of his deputies is telling him that guns walked in Wide Receiver and that the case could be embarrassing, Breuer suddenly remembers that ATF in Arizona was walking guns and he has regrets about not informing his superiors?

Looks like Breuer is the latest guy going under the bus in an attempt to stop the contagion from spreading higher into the DOJ - and once again, they try to emphasize the Bush-era connections of Wide Receiver. Are they that stupid? The only way that works as a strategy is if nobody digs any further than "Bush-era" when looking at Wide Receiver. If you actually compare Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious side by side, it makes Fast and Furious look about a thousand times worse. You can at least claim that Wide Receiver tried to track and interdict the weapons and was simply unsuccessful (and was called off after it lost 200 weapons).

With Fast and Furious though, you have no attempts to track at all. Agents ORDERED not to interdict the weapons on several occasions. Agents dealing firearms DIRECT to criminals. And then there is that whole "lost around 2,000 weapons over the course of several years" thing. And since the same agents were involved in both cases, you've got that whole "If Wide Receiver was such a failure, why on earth did you start Fast and Furious?" question.

Surely someone in the Administration has got to realize that is going to be a really ugly comparison if it ever gets made in mainstream press.
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