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Really what we are talking about is 2 different cultures. I grew up with a Red Rider and shooting sparrows, barn swallows and other targets of opportunity. I moved on to hunting and trapping from there and while I'd never intentionally promote suffering I realize that they are after all, just animals and not humans. It's pretty black and white actually and to ride the fence is intellectually dishonest.

I'm gonna end by saying "when in Rome, do as the Romans do". I'm not saying you should go out and kill everything you see, I don't. And to tell the truth I don't see much of anybody killing for no reason. They may be killing for reasons that a city dwellers has no clue about but most of the time there is a reason. You don't have to understand it but you dang well better accept it. Lot's of f'ing city folk have moved to the country and small town's around here and are basically trying to shove there beliefs down the throats of folk that have been there for generations. If you can't accept that, move back to the city.

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