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Halloween ---- weird to me ....

Ok.. took grandkids out for Halloween. When walking back to my house there was a kid standing there, so granddaughter went inside and came out with a bowl of candy for him to get some.

I could not tell due to the lighting where I was at, what the costume of the kid was.... and his father was standing nearby, so I asked him. He said he was "Bud Lightyear". Then he said , " I dressed up as one of the soldiers".

I hadn't really looked at the guy, Ok ... -10 points for me. But when I really looked at him, he was in some 'greens' and had an AR15 on his shoulder and a gun on his hip, along with a knife sheath and knife in it, flashlight, etc.

I could see that for one, all of them were for real. And when he turned a touch, I could see it was a real 1911 in the holster. No play toys.

My radar was 'up ' a bit now. He seemed to get a touch nervous when he saw me eyeing the AR a bit, actually I was trying to figure out which one it was and was going to ask him some questions about it. He then got his son and left rather quickly.

It's illegal to open carry a loaded gun in the town, but legal if they were unloaded. I wish they would make it legal to open carry a handgun, but it is what it is.

I guess in my dreams, It never crossed my mind to carry an AR out on Halloween for trick or treating ...
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