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New RD Mould

Wasted most of the weekend painting and doing other menial tasks so when I got done about 4P yesterday it was too late for a range I decided to settle for some silver stream therapy.
Got the Ranch Dog 359-190 six-banger mould in a week or so ago, finally degreased them and took them for a little run, just to load a few for test loads, right? First several dozen were terrible and all went back in the pot. A few were close but not quite. Next run started out pretty good but got too hot. Wet down my cooling pad (2 old socks ) and gave it one more try. By then I knew this mould likes it fast & hot so I did my best to keep up. It seemed like no time and I had 10 lbs of shiny boolits (368 +/-) and a near- empty pot. WOW! Even after sorting I'll mave more rounds for my .35 Rem's than I'll shoot for a long time, but it sure was a fun end to a trying day.
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