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...have noticed that people out here like to kill critters, for no apparent reason...
I have an apparent reason, they eat my goose eggs and destroy the nests. They have wiped out my chicken flock including layers and pet bantams. I have nothing against Raccoons, skunks, fox and possum, but since the anti-fur movement has destroyed the trapping hobby/industry, we have been overrun by the predators to that extent that I have to trap, poison, shoot them when ever I can, to the tune of 15-20 raccoons, 12 or so possums, each spring...and the fur not being prime then, they just get tossed into a pit to rot. So, when you drive past and see me do such senseless despicable things to those animals, I just might have an apparent reason. If the fur industry would recover in this country, trappers would keep them under control like it did when I received $45 for a single coon pelt, unfleshed. People used to pick up road killed coons back then...they sure do not now.
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