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Any attempt to regulate who carries a lethal weapon in a workplace is flawed. This is an unavoidable fact. over hundreds of years of policing, we have tried to assess the character of people we place in positions of authority in law enforcement, and whether you will admit to it or not, there are, even as we speak, totally vile people walking american soil as police officers.

Eventually a weapon will be used by a person who was cleared by a business to carry on the work site. In almost any case that happens, that shooting will be investigated thoroughly by police, and most likely by survivors, and the business is going to be raked over the coals, no matter what happens.

If it turns out that this business allowed certain employees to carry, and a permit carrying employee was involved in a questionable incident, the policy and process of giving permission to carry will be taken apart and analyzed down to individual letters of the papers, and cherry picked for any weaknesses.

If there is even the faintest whiff of opportunity, a lawyer will jump on that case on a contingency basis. He'll search out survivors, offer to foot the bill on the suit, and be given carte blanche to operate in their name.

He will rake the shooter through the mud to prove that he should never have been carrying in the first place.

he will dig through the company's history, to prove that they were irresponsible in a pattern, just like they were irresponsible giving otis a carry permit.

And then, he will tear that business apart until they either settle or lose.

The only smart thing for a business to do is to either institute a blanket ban, or hire "security guards" and have them bonded and insured, trained, and psychologically assessed.

Anything other than blanket bans and absolutely strict enforcement of them leaves a business open for crucifixion because the policy was ineffective.

There's no arguing this point. You can't. The ultimate arbiter of who is right and who is wrong is the courts, and you all know very well that the court is quite often going to decide for the plaintiff.

What business, knowing that every second that the door is open may bring about an incident that could trigger a multimillion dollar court loss, has any choice in the matter? Certainly not sears or k mart, or god forbid, dominos. A thug who is left in a coma because he brandished a plastic gun and was shot is going to be handed the keys to the treasury by a jury.
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