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I was taught from a young age to respect whatever game you are hunting to the utmost degree. Squirrel, deer or racoon was no difference. If the animal was going to provide you with nourishment you were thankful. This goes along with a lot of other things I was taught in the southern way of life in the late 60'Ss early 70's. I think much of this has been lost with much of the other respectful things I learned long ago.
Much of the wisdom that was departed by the generation that gave me these values has been lost or forgotten no matter what region of our great nation you are located.
this about sums it up...todays youth(myself included) have been desensitized by videogames and tv. all of the respect for game animals stuff that I was taught in hunters education is pretty much left at the wayside as soon as these kids get their first firearm. I am not much different. I still get that slight pang of guilt when I shoot a deer or I hear a coyote yelp for the last time but I am laways able to reason it away by telling myself that killing it has provided a much needed service...squirrels and tweety birds? unfortunately I hold very little regard for them anymore and it is a little disgusting to think about it but that's just the way things go.
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