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You find a lot of dead drum fish lying around.
What a waste: Drum are tasty, if a bit of a PITA to clean.

As for shooting "varmits", if you were raised on a farm, you shot/clubbed/poisoned/trapped and drowned anything on the property that competed with your livestock for food and/or space...... if it so much as bothered your stock, then it had to go........ farming, as I knew it as a kid, (not the mass market agribisiness of today) was a struggle ..... varmints, from mice to coons to coyotes, cost money. Not much of an issue for today's mass market farmers ...... though they have caused more of a decline in "varmit" populations by farming every square inch of ground possible, and destroying the fencerows and woodlots that wildlife needs to live. I can't blame them, though: if they don't make a profit, they can't pay their property taxes, or the ever increasing rents and will lose the land to someone more able to pay.

The same logic holds for hunters: Coons and 'possums are predators of pheasants and quail, and the more coyotes, the fewer fawns: eliminate the competition. In the area where I hunt, the amount of habitat has shrunk drasticly since the days of my youth ...... one less coyote means several more deer or pheasants. The fact that I can sell the hide for enough to buy a box of bullets is a bonus.

Folks from the City move out to the country and suddenly try to change the way things are done........ if you prefer the "Live and Let Live" management style, then use that on YOUR property. Complaints about the way others manage theirs is wasted breath.
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