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I dont see this where I live but I bet they view them critters as varmints and as such need to be removed. Many cutsie little animals cause a bit of damage at nite, get into stuff and make a huge mess etc. I dont shoot em cause my dogs get them and tear them apart. I usually find bits and pieces, the skunk parts are very easy to discern.

Crows are varmints, will wreck a garden pronto, possums spread rabies some say and get into the chicken coops eat the eggs and kill the hens so they get shot.

In the city folks just dont have as much fun with their property as we country folk do. Why when was the last time some city boy opened up the feed bin to find a coon wanting to eat his face? that was last week.... or go out to the garden has 18 tomatoe plants to find every one was torn up and no tomatoes. Worked a lot of hours on that one....

or find some coon ripped the sweet corn and ruined the whole plot?

I shoot them varmints if I get a chance too. Call me cruel but when my hard work is destroyed by some critter, well I get mad, then I get even on them.

How ya feel about coyotes? I kill them too, often.
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