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I guess you could categorize me as a meat hunter and pest eliminator. We eat deer meat and wild pig and I've done that since college, when we were too poor to buy everything we needed. I also shoot pigs to try to control their numbers because my pastures are being dug up, and I shoot coyotes to try to reduce their impact on the deer herd (they eat the fawns). And my wife hates the armadillos digging up her flower beds, so I am instructed to shoot dillos on sight. Squirrels and coons mostly get a free pass, though I did shoot a coon the other morning. My wife's half grown dim wit girl cat, of maybe 8 pounds soaking wet, was just about to jump on a 20odd pound male raccoon. I had to intervene before the cat got caught up in a major butt whipping. Bottom line is that neither I nor anyone I know is going to shoot any and all critters on sight just to do it.
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