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Trying to understand stupid acts ???

I have noticed that people out here like to kill critters, for no apparent reason.
Taking you post at face value, I'd have to say that you are trying to make sense out of senseless acts. As you stated, these are not hunters for all hunters that I know, are ethical. Anthing else is just plain killing. That is not to say that we have not made mistakes, for if you have hunted long enough, there have been that some of us wish we could take back. There is no good answer to your question or concerns as idiots do walk among us. .....

I guess that is one reason I got into Hunter Safety; to show young folks what is not acceptible conduct and that we are all connected. What they do alone, in the field, is there choice. I always advise them to;

Do you best, in your own best ways and;
Be Safe !!!
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