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WHY shoot everything?

Hello everyone.
I recently moved from the city to the sticks. I have noticed that people out here like to kill critters, for no apparent reason. Im not talking about people who hunt for food. Or people protecting there farm land and or livestock. Im refering to people who aim at the opposum/ racoon/ turtle when driving down the road, or run into there house and get there gun as soon as they see a squirel or crow in a tree. I believe in live and let live. Im not a tree hugger, I dont down people for killing animals. Im just curious to why they do it(again not refering to the hunters, just the ones who do it for no apparent reason)? (Sorry if i posted this in the wrong thread, this is the closet thing i could find for my question.) Im not trying to start a debate about the strong vs the weak. Or trying to offened anyone. So please dont blast me and be rude when replying. Im just trying to figure it out. FYI I own a gas station convenience store, that sell lots of bait (live and frozen)and tackle. Plus we have a deer check station, for our hunters. The state doesnt require the weight of deer anymore for tags but we do it anyways cause i know my hunters want to know
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