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Originally Posted by csmsss
What is it, exactly, that is going to get underlings to flip? This is not a prosecutorial investigation, and Issa's committee has neither a carrot nor a stick with which to encourage comprehensive and truthful testimony from anyone not otherwise inclined to provide it.
You've posted pretty much that same general theme in previous posts in this thread:

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I think by this point, we all understand that you are skeptical Congress has the power to deliver justice on this. I would feel safe saying that even a casual reader of the thread understands your position on this clearly.

What I am having difficulty understanding is why you are once again reiterating that point?

On the bright side, it looks like Melson felt it was in his best interest to testify before Congress with his private attorney's present despite your belief that Issa's Committee has neither carrot nor stick, and it appears AG Holder will testify publicly on December 8th in front of the Committee, despite your earlier skepticism on that point (see Page 54) as well. So who knows? If you wait and see, maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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