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blackbears are usually pretty skiddish around people but if humans aren't around much then they'll get brave decide to chechout a camp and have a snack and a chew toy. my boss had an issue with a blackbear that liked to bath in his spring fed cow troughs. the only problem was they had a pipe sticking up through the middle so once the water level reached a certain point is would drain out and away from the trough. well mr blackbear didn't like taking a bath with those pipes poking him in the butt the whole time so he learned how to unscrew boss had to patrol his troughs at least 3 times a week to make sure his cows weren't visiting empty troughs. they are clever things..usually they'll shy away from people though unless you get close to their cubs or catch them after their 5 month nap time

EDIT, dont get me started about them damn wolves in idaho
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