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My experience with black bears, limited though it may be, is that they really don't want anything to do with humans. That being said a couple of years ago one took a small child locally. here's an article about the attack. This is the only attack on a human that I've heard about around here and we have plenty of bears. The few that I've come across in the woods usually take off pretty quick. Had a buddy ran into a momma and 2 cubs about 5 years ago while hunting. Cubs skittered up trees and mom squared off on him. Ended well with the bears leaving the area before I got to him, but he was pretty shaken up by the whole thing. I always have a sidearm in the woods but not because I'm afraid of bears, I just like having it with me.

That was on the back porch and the bear just took the baby out of its stroller despite the mother shouting and yelling to drive it away. Bears can be deadly when they want to be and many today have no fear of man. Quite a sad story, but illustrative of the fact you can't even let the kids run free in their back yards any longer.

We NEVER thought of bears when playing in our backyard in Alaska at the top of O'Malley Road in Anchorage. Behind our backyard was miles and mile and miles of woods at that time. Bears just didn't ever bother us even once in the 10 years we lived in Alaska. Now Anchorage is a hot bed of man-bear encounters.
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