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That's not 100% accurate.
You're right. So is Hulley when he says:
is pretty slim but its still better than no chance at all

There was a guy in a town not far from mine in Colorado who was convicted of felony menacing when he stopped 3 60-year old riders to wave a bat at them. In my experience however, people would rather throw their beer bottles/cans big-gulps at me while accelerating past me rather than stop to throw them at me from the front. If they were serious about disabling me, they would most always have the element of surprise.

Involving a woman cyclist to the equation, well, that does bring up reasons for creeps stopping that I haven't had to worry about.

I didn't mean to say "don't carry." I just don't think that someone with the tactical advantage and a 2000lb blunt object shaped like a vehicle can really fail to put me out of commission if they are serious. The only time I did get hit by a car (it was an accident), I was down hard and wouldn't have been able to pull and aim or determine who the BGs were. If a BG with true motivation failed to disabled me on the first drive-by, I believe they would just drive off rather than take the chance of a confrontation with a healthy adult male going against them.

I'm firmly in the "It's better to have it and not need it" camp, but just not in this instance for me personally.

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