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From what I can tell the mods I've seen are mere bolt ons so I plan to swap parts when I shoot from classical to sport and vice versa. I know about the long eye releif, that's why I was going to look at pistol Scopes or something. This is going to be just a fair gun nothing to crazy and I'm not going to go overboard and get stuff. I know a smith and plan to have him check out the gun. After that shoot it as is for a while and then slowly buy the accessories. And as far as kick is concerned I've shot m1 since I was a kid and I do fair shooting with m14 good groups. In used to kick and the bruises that come with it after long shooting hours. This gun is cheap and basically going to be my play gun as its the first I own personally.
so the idea is to keep it so I can swap between a classic rifle to a more competitive rifle when the mood suits me. If I want to do more competition I'd get a better rifle with better accuracy, but the mosin nagant is a reliable rifle with fair accuracy. I herd it was the Rifle used by the Russian top sniper in ww2 is this true?
And I don't know what the Swiss is my dad always calls it "the Swiss" , but he has an Sks so I thought that's what it was so sorry I'm not really gun savy yet I just shoot em.
bman what is the bullet you shooting instead of the 17?
And the muzzle break was just to help with gun rise I haven't shot it yet so I have no clue what needs to be done till I shoot it. I shoot classical rifles and modern rifles alike bit it dosnt seem like the nagant will be very pricy for a classic. And I don't plan to sell it. So any recommend dations on parts or things to look out for with the gun would be appreciated . It seemed to be a very simple setup so I don't forsee any issues with the parts. Ill post pics as soon as possible of its current state when I get it next Tues and of what came. With it and how it feels mechanically
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