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I carry a LCP when I ride. Its light and doesnt bother me in the least. There is some vulnerabilty there on a bicycle so I would rather have it than not. My wife had a scary moment earlier this year on her bike. We live out in the boonies and she had stopped on the side to catch her breath and get some water, an old car drove by very slowly and checkin out my wife. They looked like a couple of thugs in an old car with huge chrome wheels, not exactly the crowd you normally see in my little town, then they stopped about 150yds and just hung out the window and watched my wife. That was all they did but my wife carries now when she rides. She and I both know that if attacked while riding the odds of her getting her firearm in time to defend herself is pretty slim but its still better than no chance at all. I was sick to my stomach just thinking something was that close to harming my bride.
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