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Say a business is owned by a catholic person, do they have the right to prohibit condoms or birth control pills in someone's car?

As stated, if that company owns or leases the lot, they have control over the portion that they either own or lease, and yes, they can make policy as to what you put on property that is under their control, and bringing contraband into a parking lot is no different than a college refusing to let beer into the dorm. You are forbidden to possess that product while on the property and subject to legal or disciplinary action.

Both of our hospitals have no tobacco policies. You cannot be using any sort of tobacco within the outer boundaries of the grounds. employees have to walk about a block or so completely off of the campus to smoke. If a person violates the non smoking rule, of course, they will be reminded not to by the security guards. If they want to make a fuss, they will be escorted from the property, and may be arrested for trespass if they repeat the offense. that's the policy that the security office follows.

If this is legal for tobacco, it is legal for BC pills, or any other item that doesn't have specific legal protection. A dress code is the same thing. A policy set by an organization, enforced by either policy discipline, or expulsion from the property. The difference is, that some things are protected by higher statute, such as clearly protected forms of free speech.

I'm a property owner. It is my own. Not rented, and not mortgaged. There's not a whole lot of grounds that anyone could possibly have to walk into my yard, armed, and refuse to disarm themselves if I instruct them to. If they refuse a pat down, I am clearly within my rights to refuse them access to the property I own, and I am clearly within my rights to have anyone who steps on my property after having been instructed not to arrested. Same thing goes for spitting skoal, smoking pot, or even playing country music on a boom box. You cannot do it on my property without my express permission or you are in violation of my rights as a property owner, and committing tresspass.

You guys all have these rights, as well, and so do businesses.

I'm not wasting time arguing little points of semantics, such as employment or concealed carry law, or even racial discrimination laws. Crossing a property line while not complying with the demands placed upon your permit to enter violates the trespass laws, unless you have specifically been protected by higher laws.
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