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Who needs bear anywhere? Who needs deer anywhere? Who needs any wildlife anywhere? if you want to see it, go to the zoo, LOL.

Your logic is severely flawed.

Black bear are moving up into Oklahoma as well.
Shucks, if you think that my attempt at sarcasm lacked logic, then I guess I better not go into comedy. It was a joke my friend!!

In any case, go look up the statistics, black bears have more than doubled in population across the US in the last 20+ years. Having them protected in TX makes no sense to me. They got rid of them years ago, what do they want in reintroducing an animal that does cause a lot of havoc in populated areas. Makes no sense, the animal is not in danger yet don't tell that to the folks in TX. Sorry, I don't see any need to hunt the bears if they wander over the border into TX, but to place civil penalties for situations where you just might be protecting yourself just doesn't make any sense to me. The animals are more important that people.

Really, explain to me why it is important to bring black bears back to TX. I tell you what, they are a pain in the neck up here in Idaho, but we are stuck with them. If you don't have them in TX, it sounds like you are ahead of the game. Like I said, if you want to see them in TX, go to the zoo or put them in the politicians back yards so that they can enjoy them as well. This time, I am serious as a heart attack. Just one more instance of governmental intrusion where there is truly no need except for them to show off their muscles because they can.
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