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" . . . They have the same "You cannot carry even in your car" policy. However...I am in Florida.

Where they have this LAW about "Take your gun to work" so that one can "practice their right to bears arms in their commute to and from work". "

" . . . .Also, I have gotten into debates with the director of loss prevention about this topic. He swears up and down that he can have the police come in and check it...etc. -__- "

If the local cops know anything about the personal car / gun OK law, they won't show up.

" Don't ask me how, but some people at work know I carry and some even know it's in the car. ( girl that knew for a while before working there) Out of my control. "

That kind of things gets out. Ever talk to anyone in the building about guns even in the slightest? If they figured out you have a gun, it can be assumed that you have one in the car.

" It seems that a lot of people here want to deny the property holder the right to manage his own property. Whether a business owns or is leasing the land/facility, they are legally in control of pretty much every aspect of that property. "

There is quite a range between car carry getting you put in jail and car carry that is against someone's self generated rules.

If a business forbids car carry but state law specifically allows it, the business rules don't apply and the business is breaking the law if they insist on no car carry.

If business A shares a parking lot with other businesses / general public, should business A be able to dictate what goes on in that common lot?

If state / fed laws specifically say the business has the right to limit car carry and a state / fed penalty applies if violated, the gun owner must comply, there just isn't a way around this.

In the absence of state / fed laws prohibiting a object, there is a difference between a business controlling what goes on in the building / on the grounds and controlling what a person has in their car. If the controlled object stays in someone's car, the business should be hands off.

Say a business is owned by a catholic person, do they have the right to prohibit condoms or birth control pills in someone's car?

Or does a anti religion business owner have the right to prohibit someone from having a bible in their car or St Christopher statue on the dash?

I see the whole issue being less about guns and more about how far a business can go to control what you have in your car, as long as that item never leaves said car while on company property.
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