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new to the site but i have quick questions

hello i go by Duzell or duz and im new to the site

anyway , i have shot since childhood with my father (not hunting but competition or firing ranges), i have used the family gun (dont know what it is), an m1 grand, m14, and some Swiss rifles (sks )
also hand guns: 1911 , snub nose , magnum
so im not new to shooting or guns (just getting that out of the way)

back on track , i just recently purchased a 91/31 mosin nagant from big 5 , has its old military accessories( bayonet, packs, ect) with it and it was 109 $ and the guns in good condition, stock looks good, serial numbers match and its covered in that waxy stuff that keeps them from rusting.

i will be receiving in in 10 days from big five
i am going to take it to a gun smith to inspect the rifle before i shoot , and get it looked at (see if there is any defects and what not) , then im going to due a couple of practice shoots to get a feel of the rifle

due to it being a cheap rifle i plan to customize it a bit till i feel comfy with its (look , feel , accuracy, reliability)

i plan on getting the Monte Carlo stock and the rifle stock cover that carries extra rounds, a muzzle break , stripper clips , and a pistol scope ( or long relief scope) with light up cross hair, shorten the barrel (its to long and causes drag from what i can tell).

that is my basic goal for this gun eventually
this is the look im trying for basically ( may get custom engraving or something later , like my name or something)

im having issues locating a muzzle break for the 91/31 rifle but m44 are everywhere, the scope i found but the mounts i keep looking at people say suck or are faulty so can some one help please?
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