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30 cal - I was going to mention, in response to another member's comment, that I had a Winchester Model 70 XTR with the "diagonal" cut to the forend. So, that alone didn't mean that it wasn't a Winchester stock. Now, the lack of checkering...

I was also going to warn you to be careful about stripping the finish, but you've already done it, and it looks great! My warning was that when I stripped the finish on my 70 XTR, the stuff I used ate away part of the white-line spacers on the forend and the butt plate. I had to get rid of the spacers completely. I was young and foolish at the time. Good thing I actually prefer no spacers, cause after the stripping I had no choice! But, I felt like an idiot for making such a mistake. The rifle now wears a Bell and Carlson stock, cause the wood stock was too pretty for serious hunting. Later, I sold the original stock on ebay. Wierd how this story gets more and more sad. Someone in Texas got a fantastic stock (beautiful, exceptional striping for a factory stock), albeit sans original white-line spacers. Sigh!

In any case, fine looking rifle you got there.
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