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Alright...So I've been at my place for about a year now. They have the same "You cannot carry even in your car" policy. However...I am in Florida.

Where they have this LAW about "Take your gun to work" so that one can "practice their right to bears arms in their commute to and from work".

Don't ask me how, but some people at work know I carry and some even know it's in the car. ( girl that knew for a while before working there) Out of my control.

Also, I have gotten into debates with the director of loss prevention about this topic. He swears up and down that he can have the police come in and check it...etc. -__- Now I'm one of their best workers and never had an issue with anyone. So for the most part they like me. I have to think thought..What if one day that all just goes away and BAM search. I'll most likely say no.

BUT....I am in Florida, where this is apparently permitted and they cannot do this. Also..people with any power do what the hell they want so I don't know if I should continue leaving my Glock 27 w/ the spare mag in the glove box locked away with my alarm and all. Or just say screw it and never carry in my glove box to work ever again?
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