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My brother cautions that high-level involvement in F&F doesn't pass the smell test. This is what I told him.

Because the ATF and FBI ran similar operations in ten cities, it is clear that there was high level clearance in both organizations. The program was coordinated between the ATF and FBI.

The likelihood of two agencies becoming independently involved in what was clearly an illegal operation is to me at least extremely thin unless they were directed to do so by DOJ. I understand that this has been confirmed by whistle-blowers who have stated that DOJ was read-in on the project.

If there were no complaints from DOJ, that says to me that it was the point of origin or else there would have been heads rolling at the first inkling of such an illegal operation if DOJ were operating according to their mission..

The fact that there has been no outrage, but rather complicit acquiescence by State and DHS (such as Janet Napolitano's testimony before Congress and public statements from Hillary Clinton) indicates that they too were read in on the project and were complying with a common directive to all these agencies.

There's your smell test.

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