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Bullet C.O.L.

This might be a stupid question, but here goes.
I just bought some new Hornady 154gr SST to shoot out of my 7mag this year for hunting, so this is my first time reloading these bullets. Well the bullets come with like a belt around them where you're supposed to have it seated to (you all probably know what this is called..). Anyway, I know the Maximum C.O.L. is 3.29 inches, and right now I have it seated at just about that and it still isn't seated down far enough to reach the belt in the bullet. So my question is: Should I just leave it like it is right now at 3.29" or should I just seat it down far enough to where the case is just touching the bottom of the belt in the bullet? I don't know if seating it down farther would matter all that much or not considering the increase of pressure. I seated one down to the belt in the bullet and that makes it have a C.O.L. of 3.245".
In case you need to know. I have cci 250 primers, remington brass, and 61.0 grains of H4831SC. Also I generally crimp my bullets so should I still do it even with the belt or would that grab ahold of the bullet more.

the first picture is how its seated at 3.29"
the second picture is when its at 3.245". Is that right where I want it?
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