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Up til last month l had not cast any since 1984. l still had my little Lee bottom pour pot and Rcbs sizer. A purchase of a 2 cavity 357 mold off the net
got me started
After deciding to start back my main problem became LEAD. l got around 15 lb
from one guy and had a few left over from years ago. l cast about 1200 and was OUT. Fortunately l hit one guy for 10 lb and another 30. l ask but most say no. l only found 2 places that gave me any. l am going out next week and
start beating the bushes. l see an urgency now..

My renewed interest started with a Model 27-2 8 3/8 l purchased a few years ago. My goal is to kill a deer with bullets made by me. Practice at the range
has consumed app 500rds in 4 trips. Thats quite a bit of shooting for me. l just hope l get good enough with my shooting before deer season ends New Years
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