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LAWS are not what people are talking about breaking here. It is not ILLEGAL to carry in most places where it's just against company policy.
One more time for the cheap seats: YOUR BOSS CAN'T THROW YOU IN JAIL FOR BREAKING HIS RULES.
Federal property? That's a lot different. We're talking about LAWS vice "rules". You guys are acting like sheep. Do you all really follow every single "RULE" your boss enacts at the workplace? Honesty here is key.

If you worked at the post officer = law cannot carry
work at a fast food place/big box mart = policy

Policy doesn't put you in jail, its law. As others state what do you risk, your life or your job?

I know one guy he works on base which you cannot carry. He told a story once to some others and I, he came off base once and his check light came on he went to the nearest gas station and some guy randomly came up to him, he put his hand in his back pocket to reach for a "gun" which he didnt have. The guy said CHILL OUT! and left. You don't know when something will happen or not, you may never need your gun, you might be on your way home from work and trouble strikes. You dont know.

I almost had to use my gun a few times already(on animals/wild animals) I know a guy who was with his friend, both of them got attacked and they had to draw. The people got arrested (they where drunk) I forget the whole story but there was like 6 of them and 2 or 3 got arrested.
Has Taurus really spent more on shipping customers their firearms back to them than actual sales?
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