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Roosting Turkeys?

I'm looking for a little advice on how to hunt Turkeys as they come off their roost in the morning. Tomorrow's the last day of the fall Turkey season here (for me at least since I won't be able to go Mon) and after not seeing any all month I finally saw a group late this afternoon.

I could have taken a shot at one but it would have been an iffy shot at best (he needed to take about 3 more steps forward from where he was) so I passed on it, but I digress.

Anyway as it was late in the afternoon/early evening I hung around to see if I could tell where they were going to roost for the night since I was hoping they hadn't gone far where I had spotted them. Fortunately, they didn't, and I know where they roosted for the night.

The question is best to hunt them tomorrow morning, aside from getting out there real early . I suppose what I'm really asking here is whether I should try to get as close as possible to their roost site where they might drop down nearly directly from the tree they're in, or should I set up some distance away because they might fly for a bit before landing.

As a note: the second possibility happened to me last year, although in that case I didn't know exactly where they were the night before but did have a general idea. I just got lucky in that three of them (out of about 8) flew about 100-300yrds from the tree they were in and landed about 35yrds in front of me. I just don't know how typical that may or may not have been.

Additional relevant information is that Turkey seasons are shotgun only (I use a Ithaca Mag 10) and I limit myself to 35-40yrds for a clean shot. Also either sex is legal here for fall season and I'm not opposed to taking a hen.

Thanks for any information


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