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ok i can help here

As one of my early ski industry carrear moves i was hired as a childrens ski instructor. I advanced my skills and am now a certified professional instructor. I still do this for fun.
Let me make it clear that any parent can teach their child anything. We had one of the most successful childrens ski programs in the nation by using a method the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) refers to as the Train the Trainer Method. Its all about parents and children taking the lesson together. Works for any two people in a relationship where one person is more skilled at an activity than the other.
Basically an instructor begins the teaching by starting the lesson as though the two participants are equalls and teaches both like they are beginners. If one participant is more advanced they learn excellent teaching skills and the other begins to learn the activity itself. Eventually the two bond over the lesson and they are given things to work on together between lessons.
My suggestion is to take training together you may both learn something
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