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2.6 gr Titegroup should have been more than enough to get the bullet out of the barrel, especially the barrel in a pocket .380. There's something else going on here.

My guess would be one of the following:
1. You inadvertently loaded some squibs.
2. Your scale is off, and the charges were light.
3. Contaminated powder.
4. Contaminated primers.
5. The powder wasn't Titegroup.

In most .380s, a .356-.357" diameter projectile shouldn't be a problem.
Some brands are known for having rather generous tolerances (such as Taurus 9mm and .380 barrels as large as .359"), while other brands stay pretty close to the .3555-.3565" standard.

Originally Posted by Sevens
In .380, I get terrific performance from Berry's plated 100gr round nose. They also offer a hollow base bullet, but I've used the flat ones. NO DOUBT, these are more expensive than cast lead. But they work great for me, and in f-i-v-e different .380 pistols.
The little .380 is a low volume cartridge for me, so spending just a little more on projectiles isn't a big deal. Like Sevens, I've been using Berry's bullets lately. However, I use the 100 gr Hollow Base RN, since I need something that will obturate and seal an oversize bore. Oddly enough, I found Blue Dot to be the powder of choice.
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