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this is such a great forum!

Seriously, this is what makes the internet worthwhile. A [email protected] post generates tons of substance in reply. Thank you.

I'm glad to see the endorsement of the Lee Classic. That does seem like a good place to start to reload a couple of boxes at a time.

Also, thanks for the specific warning about the need for case lube for .30 carbine. That seems like an expensive lesson I don't have to learn on my own.

I saw a deal on Craigslist. For $300 I'd get a pretty complete setup including a mixed lot of 1000s of brass, 400 bullets, a Lee turret press, dies for 9mm, and .380 (both of eventual interest) and 7mm-08, which I had never thought about. This is another way reloading gets expensive: I'm now considering another rifle so I can use the dies and the 400 bullets. But I think I'll pass, and go minimal for now. $30 seems little enough to toss aside when I upgrade. I need some time to set up my lab anyway.

My best guess is I can save around $.16/round and keep my otherwise idle hands occupied.

Thanks again, folks!
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