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Consider the cost in terms of boxes of bullets

Consider the cost of getting set up to reload:

If you shudder at the $250 to $350 for a decent starter setup (capable of producing very precise ammunition in moderate quantities - 50 to 150 rounds per hour), consider the cost in terms of boxes of ammunition.

A decent mechanical powder/bullet scale will cost about 3 boxes.
A good press will cost 3 to 6 boxes
Dies will cost 1 to 2 boxes
Two good manuals will cost a box apiece.
Miscellaneous other small tools and such will cost 3 to 5 boxes
Two pounds of powder will cost 2 boxes.
1,000 primers will set you back 1 box
1,000 bullets for pistol (or your .30 Carbine) will be 2 or 3 boxes, 500 bullets for rifle, about the same.

So, for the price of about 20 boxes of loaded ammunition, you can get 20 boxes of your own reloads (re-using your own brass from prior retail purchases).

Your hardware is paid for after the first 20 boxes. After that, your ammo is
pretty much 1/4 to 1/2 the cost of over-the-counter.

Because rifle cartridges usually come in 20-round boxes and handgun cartridges in boxes of 50 (but cheaper per round), the financial calculation applies pretty much the same to rifle ammunition as it does to handgun ammunition.

It all depends on how you look at it.

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