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I would suggest some other auction sites than ebay. I've seen prices for used equipment (not collectable) higher than new. Here's a link to an article about low cost start-up... Prices are old but the idea is still the same. BTW This is how I started in '69; Lee Loader, 1 lb. Bullseye, a small box of CCI primers, some generic lead bullets, and the empties from 2 boxes of .38 Special. Oh yeah, and a yellow hammer. This outfit kept me in ammo for several months (had to buy primers though). I addded tools/equipment as I could afford (a Lee powder dipper set was next) and soon had all the goodies I needed to produce good, accurate, safe ammo. Plus, there's a lot of tools you;ll likely already have (I used a 1/2" drill bit to champher case mouths, and flared the case mouths with a center punch). Today I'd suggest using the info in the article but using a single stage press instead...
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