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I’ve been reloading for 15 years now and still do not have a tumbler. Never found the need to be honest. So you could save the money there and get the trim to length tools. A hole in a target or a harvested game animal doesn’t care if the bullet came out of less then perfectly clean piece of brass. I do have a Lee Zip Trim device, and clean rifle rounds with it and a piece of very fine steel wool when needed. But I never clean pistol brass, unless it gets fished from a mud puddle, and then I use a soapy water bath.

Consistency is the key to accurate reloaded ammo. Consistent length brass is more important then bright and shiny brass as far as I’m concerned. Now there are people out there that feel shinny beautiful brass is necessary, and shows pride in their work reloading. That’s fine. But me and my dingy brass get 0.5 inch 100 yard groups from all my center fire rifles, and that’s good enough with me.

I guess what I’m saying is, a brass tumbler is on the bottom of my list of reloading equipment. So far down on the bottom, I haven’t got there yet.
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