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This is an expensive way to save money! -Jimmythegeek

You really catch on fast! Reloading tools are (for the most part) precision tools that will last a considerable time with careful use, many will outlast you. Favorite joke among some of us is how much money we save but if I break it down into individual projects like loading bulk pistol ammo then yes, sometimes we can save money. Other times we amuse ourselves loading ammo that's better than we can buy and buy new tool$ to make it a tiny bit better. You've got the basics covered, after perusing the manual one more time jump in there and have fun, just be careful. Safety is a very serious subject at the loading bench.
I'll admit I got into reloading nearly 30 yrs ago to save money, even fiured out where the "break-even point" was. Somehow I've misplaced it.
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