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The Smoking Gun

Pajamas Media ran an article yesterday that lays out the who, how and why (the whole sordid story) on Fast & Furious.

The smoking gun is that the guns that were being walked across the border to Mexican Cartels were:
1) Bought more cheaply on the black market than from U.S. Gun Dealers.
2) The specific guns that anti-gun organizations were naming to get banned (AK and AR "Assault Rifles" and 50BMG weapons).
3) Involved gun shops were told by ATF specifically which and how many guns they should order to fill upcoming straw purchases.
4) Monies for the straw purchases were furnished by an FBI informant to otherwise indigent individuals who were told where, what and how many to buy.
5) The straw purchased guns were directed to the hands of specific Mexican Criminal Gangs especially known for their violence and tendency towards mass murder such that the greatest possible number of casualties could be traced to the recipients or the straw purchased weapons.

This was not the story for Fast & Furious alone. Remember please that similar operations were underway in 9 additional cities. Approximately 2,000 known AK/AR .50BMGs were put into criminal hands under Fast & Furious alone. As one of 10 ongoing operations of an exactly similar nature, perhaps up to 20,000 guns were placed into the hands of Mexican, US and other nationality Criminal Gangs, all without the consent or information of local law enforcement in the affected areas and with no way to trace the weapons except when they turned up at crime scenes. All to serve a gun-control agenda.

This was truly an outrage of the highest order. Every willing government participant should serve long, hard time for this government sponsored criminal conspiracy.

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