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Maybe the 'Great Whites' are eating them ...

This is a bit off topic to the deer, apologies in advance for the thread drift, but my brother was telling me of a surfer there in Oregon that was riding a wave in. He fell while still in the wave and was feeling for his board with his feet. He felt the board under his feet so stood up on it and continued to ride the rest of the wave out. The only problem was, as he began to ride out of the wave, a dorsal fin started emerging in front of him. He had stood up on a great white shark.

Another onlooker(an off duty Coast Guardsman) had watched this happen and when the surfer was riding the shark, the onlooker could see the thrashing of the sharks tail behind the surfer. Course the surfer couldn't see this.
Surfer was not bit.

Guess this happened within the last 3 weeks or so.

Any of you Oregonians hear this?
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