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looking at my nov 16, 2010 posts...just got renewal reminders in the mail(right on cue: one for each child and one for the wife). she has shown me light on not needing to renew these(they were free for a yr). I'd have to pay for memberships for toddlers and a wife who could care less. fortunately my lifetime membership is good for life.

anybody see the add in the latest rifleman mag NRA mails members(I got mine last week or maybe beginning this past week)? for 7 bucks you can get a CCW big magazine booklet. it is out of wisconsin and that is where I mailed the check, so I am not sure if it has something to do with their new law for CCW nov 1st, 2011? anyways, I figured it can't hurt to have lots of laws knowledge and do's and don'ts for CCWers. any extra knowledge can only help my cause...not to mention they(NRA) send 319dollars worth of gifts with the mag. honestly, not to concerned and didn't even call to see what it all is - they got the 7bucks for that one and I know they'll send some worthwhile stuff(I HOPE)!!
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