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Holy bleep - do I need all that?

Newb here. I went through the comprehensive "For the New Reloader" sticky.

I'm planning to start loading .30 carbine ammo. This is an expensive way to save money! I'm planning to get a Lee basic single stage press, a set of 3 dies, a bullet holder, brass tumbler, and powder scale. I already have the calipers, and I think I will just check the brass and get a trimmer when I have enough stuff out of spec.

If I buy new brass, the cost for the first go-round is the same as for factory ammo, so I don't think I will get new brass. I will have to check it for size and clean it. I don't see a lot of used equipment out there, but I will check what one guy 30 miles away has.

Back to the ABCs book...
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