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Speaking only for myself and making no judgments of anyone else's choice.
my situation is that I work in a location where it is legal to carry concealed and I am licensed to do so. I work second shift from noon until 9pm. supervising a cleaning and maintenance crew. The buildings we service are in a higher crime area of a mid-size city. As the supervisor I'm required to be the last person to clock out, and walk to my truck alone every night. The company has no written policy against concealed carry. During my time with the company the issue has only come up once. My boss and I are on friendly terms and in a conversation regarding my former employment as a police officer I mentioned that I have CCW and do occasionally carry. He replied, "Not at work though, right?". I answered "no sir" and that was the end of it. I guess you could say that officially the company doesn't even have a verbal policy against it. Because of the conditions stated above and the fact that I am a single parent I do at times carry at work even though I'm well aware it is frowned upon by my employer. Given the choice of using deadly force to protect myself from death or grievous injury and bleeding out on a cold dark sidewalk because some dirtbag decided to mug or carjack me, all I can say is I hope he kissed his mother good-bye before leaving home. If I did lose my job over such a situation I would surely miss it, but not nearly as much as my son would miss his Dad. If that philosophy makes me a bad guy in the eyes of some of you so be it.
I agree with this post. It is amazing how close you came to having to decide to respect your boss and just continue to mind your own business(or even possibly having a verbal policy or maybe a written one initiated).
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