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Statistics can be misleading. I'm sure more hunters are killed in auto accidents than by bear. But those accidents are fairly evenly distributed around the country. But probably 99.99% of all hunters have zero possibility of being killed by a grizzly simply because there are none within 1,000 miles of them. Of the .01% of hunters in big bear country they account for 100% of the attacks. Because of the larger numbers of big bears, and the lack of roads I'd bet a hunter in SE Alaska has a much greater chance of being killed by a bear than in an auto accident.

I'm not at all afraid of black bear. Had many encounters in the wild. Some close including moms with cubs. Have hiked and camped in Yellowstone a few times where I know grizzles live, but have yet to see one. I've never felt threatened by one. But I'm not stupid. I do all of the right things to avoid a confrontation, but still carry at least a handgun capable of the threat for the same reason I wear my seatbelt when driving. So far I've needed neither the gun or seatbelt.
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