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Yes, corporate bullying is what prevents unnecessary losses of profits. Pizza deliverymen packing heat is something that will never happen, will it? such a huge liability, having those armed couriers running loose on company business.

It's rather unfortunate, IMO, that businesses can't come up with some reasonable arrangement whereby they completely absolve themselves from liability if a worker is a licensed to carry, so that worker can exercise the right to safety.

It is reasonable for a business to want to shield itself from a million dollar lawsuit because a cart pusher packing a glock in his boxers caps a "child rapist" who was actually just a strung out dad trying to jam his mentally ill adolescent daughter into a car.

It is a no-win situation. If they allow it, or even give a wink and a nod, or if they fail to discharge people who do carry weapons, they open a chink in the legal armor.

Seriously, there is no way that common ground can be reached in this legal situation, where an employer can be held accountable for the actions of their employees.

Like I said in an earlier post, the only real answer if you can't find a company that allows concealed carry, is to violate, prepare to be fired, and hope for the best.

Does it ever bother any of you guys to walk into a gun store and see all of the employees openly packing on their belts?

One of the companies here allowed employees to carry. I nearly choked one day when I went in and saw a guy I knew in there with an 8 inch barreled revolver, probably a colt python hanging on his belt. The guy was a nut, I'd known him for years, and I would never have even gone to a range with him, much less worked next to him if he was armed. He was working there part time.

He was a student teacher, and I believe pretty strongly that he packed a large pistol in his brief case to class. This was back in 1977, so teaching wasn't a terribly hazardous job.
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