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Eight years back, I had an actual incident involving an intruder. I was married at the time and lived in a very nice area known as Rosemont (basically part of Old Town Alexandria, VA outside of DC). The stealth motion detection sensor in the back of the house chimed into the master bedroom. I kept my Mossberg 500 under the bed within reach and was easily able to grab it. I knew where the motion was since that was the only sensor I needed since the bedroom was on the front of the house.

I got up, grabbed my gun, told my wife to follow me and immediately dial 911 from her cell and give the police our address, stay near the front porch and stay on the line with them until you hear some sort of confirmation one way or the other.

She heard a confirmation alright. She heard the notorious shotgun chick-chick sound and me yelling to walk backwards slowly and that I'd blow the guy fcvking in half if he even so much as tripped. The wife was on the phone crying. The guy was screaming for me to let him go. He finally got on the ground face down and hands behind his head. I had the gun on him the whole time. House was surrounded by 10 police cars. They had a gun pointed at the dirtbag so I put the gun down and also got on the ground. Once the police found out who the bad guy was, they were pretty nice to me.

End of story...It's not like the movies. It's very traumatic even if you're the one in control. I still don't sleep as soundly as I used to.

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