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Not just a check for high primers, but check COL. If the bullets protrude from the end of the chamber, that will jam up a revolver. Long COL will also jam up the .45 ACP. That's a possible common thread. Check that when you run the downstroke on the press that the sizing die is firmly against the rotating shell plate. If not, it's a press problem.

My Square Deal had that symptom when the handle casting cracked. That first handle had always rubbed the back of the frame slightly, and apparently that was an early sign of a flaw. Dillon replaced it fast after a phone call, as they always do. The new one didn't rub, and there have been no problems since.

BTW, it's not the only Dillon casting I've had crack. That also happened to my Super Swage, too. Again, a fast, no questions asked replacement by Dillon and it has been fine ever since. I'm only mentioning this to point out that castings can sometimes have stress risers that leave them vulnerable to cracking. They can also last awhile before it happens, as my original Square Deal handle did (2 years). So look for any crack that's springing open a little at the end of the handle downstroke.

In the case of the .45 ACP, use your barrel for a gauge. If the rounds drop in as shown in the two middle cases, below, you may have bought some bullets with a different nose shape that don't like to feed. If they don't drop in properly, check that you have a deep enough taper crimp. A cracked casting may not allow full crimping. The loaded round case mouth spec is 0.4670"-0.4730". You should be aiming to average the middle value of 0.4695". Note that .45 ACP cases actually shrink with each load cycle rather than grow, as rifle cases do, so that if you are running brass that's been reloaded a large number of times, you may have to set the crimp die slightly lower than it was when it started out, or it will fail to remove the case mouth flare completely, and that can jam the gun up.

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