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Tried various bullets

Loaded Nosler's, Barns Vamint Grenade, Hornady 32 gr. and 40 gr., and Sierra. Factory Hornady ammo shoot poorly, and every other bullet shot from fair to rotten. Bergers are the only bullet that groups.

So in the spirit of giving this firearm a fair shake, will do the Tubbs final finish and clean the bore with CR10 and keep after it for a while.

I am a conservationist at heart---every prairie dog I miss this year produces a few more for next year.

If that rifle is still in the safe in a couple of years and it doesn't shoot accurately, there should be plenty of time to fool around with other things, like taking it to the local gun smith for a check out. Since it no longer has the original factory trigger it won't go back to Remington as long as I own it.
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