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Believe me, I'm not crying...& I WILL BE A GOOD BOY & fill out the forms, pay for the stamp & wait... you're not the first person I've heard mention awkward & heavy in the same sentence when describing a Thompson pistol. Actually, those adjectives are a bit kind compared to what I've heard others say about them.

I do know about the days of the "Mail order Tommy Gun" & the gangsters that used them, but I DID NOT know about them shortening barrels, but not removing buttstocks. Thanks for the insight. It helps make a BIT more sense of that aspect of the NFA.

I guess I should have been more clear in the first post. I know about the NFA, not an expert, but enough to keep me out of trouble. I was looking for an "historical" answer, more of a "why does this part of the NFA exsist".
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