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I used to bicycle to work from Corning, Iowa to Creston, Iowa a distance of 24 miles and 48 miles round trip but only in the spring and summer and fall, winters are cold in Iowa.

I always carried a handgun whether bicycling or hiking on roads or bicycle trails in a fanny pack carried in front. Never ever had to use the handgun and have never had to use a handgun in all my years of carrying concealed.

Highway 34 from Corning to Creston has wide shoulders and every time a car or truck came up behind me, I had rear view mirrors and you can hear the tires, especially if it was unsafe to pass, I got over on the shoulder well ahead of time and let them pass me at speed. Most motorists were very respectful and I never had anything thrown at me although I worried a lot about being hit by a high velocity rock chip the ones that crack your windshield.

Did have a problem with dogs chasing me at one house along the road, so I took some dog biscuits along,,,now the dogs were waiting for me every trip and would chase me until they got their treat!!!
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